At Assured Capital Funding we are dedicated to making The American Dream your reality. Specializing in residential mortgages, it is our mission to provide support through our wealth of knowledge in order to ease you into your new home. We understand that this step is critical, and it is essential that you receive service that is designed around you, the individual. We concentrate on making you part of our community of responsible homeowners, while making your dream a reality.

We ensure that you are given the individual attention you deserve every step of the way. Our success stems from your success, which is why we provide “one step further” service. As a consumer interested in a loan from a big bank, your voice is not heard; instead, there are numbers such as income and credit score that speak on your behalf, and sometimes they don’t tell the whole story. We take our services one step further by assessing your situation from a multitude of angles and presenting you as an individual, not a package, to our brokers.

We feel it is important for you to know that you are not a loan. We are dedicated to providing a personal service that commits to your best interest as an individual. A potential home owner can be denied entrance into home ownership due to many different variables, but unlike our competitors, we do not simply deny you. We walk you through the process of becoming a candidate, outlining step by step the actions you may take in order to receive future approval. We specialize in helping you turn the key and gain access to your dreams.

Our “Locksmiths” are a dedicated team of full services mortgage lenders. We specialize in unlocking your future. We are fully devoted to helping you gain quick and affordable access to your future home. We specialize in shopping around through a multitude of brokers in order to ensure you receive a loan offer that best fits you.

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